What’s an RSS feed anyway?

Standard Feed IconAn RSS feed is a technology used to syndicate website content. It’s a version of the content especially produced so a computer program can read it. This means that you can either install a program on your computer or use an online feed reader (nothing to install) to subscribe to a website’s feed and read it whenever you want to.

Ok, how do I subscribe to your feed?

Get yourself an account at Google Reader or Bloglines— There are dozens of other online feed readers, as well as other programs you can install on your computer to read feeds– but for the moment, you can try one of those. Then, click on the link below to subscribe to Tomisimo’s RSS feed.

Subscribe to the feed

That’s all there is to it. If you’d like more in-depth or technical information, you can read these two articles on web feeds.

RSS makes my head numb, do I have any other option?

If you’re not into this whole web feed business you can always try the email updates.