Passports necessary to travel

by David

If you’re American, and you want to travel out of the US, you better get going on your passport. Apparently, if you’re outside the US on or after January 8, 2007, you won’t be able to get back in without a valid US passport. I’ve got mine, so I guess it doesn’t matter too much to me. So if you want to go study Spanish in S.A., just be sure to get your passport!


28 Presidential candidates in Venezuela

by David

What are they going to do with 28 candidates for the presidency?  To begin with, there won’t be time for news or shows on TV, all the time will be taken up with the different candidates’ commercials and mud-throwing.  Don’t even start talking about the flyers, posters, billboards, free pens & hats.  Caracas is going to be innundated.  Anyways, hopefully someone other than Hugo Chávez will win.

A todos los abuelos y abuelas…

by David

¡Feliz día del abuelo!

Hoy es el día del abuelo en México, pero sin importar donde estén, a todos los abuelitos y abuelitas, les deseo un muy feliz día del abuelo y muchos más.

How hard is it to learn Spanish?

by David

Comparatively speaking, how hard is it to learn Spanish? When I was just starting out, I thought it was actually pretty hard. The idea that I didn’t have to use personal pronouns (he, she, it, él, ella) was baffling, and the idea of changing the verb to go with tense/person just wouldn’t enter into my mind. Granted, that was quite a while ago, and I’m pretty good at Spanish now, (if I must say so myself), but I’d defend to the end of the earth my statement that Spanish is hard. According to the US National Translation Center, it’s not that hard.

According to them, here’s the easy languages.

  • Afrikaans
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • French
  • Italian
  • Norwegian
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish

These languages take approximately 600 class-hours of study time to learn fluently. I have no Idea where they get this data, but I can understand how Spanish would be easier than, say Chinese, which has tonal aspects that truly baffle those of us who grew up hearing English. But in any case, I maintain that Spanish is HARD. It’s not easy. It might be easier than others, but it isn’t easy. BUT, if you follow my handy dandy list of how to learn Spanish, you will be successful. 🙂

Is Fidel Castro alive?

by David

Fidel Castro, president (or dictator) of Cuba has held an iron grip on his country for about 50 years, since the Cuban revolution. Reportedly, he has been sick, and no one has seen him publicly since late July. He turned 80 years old in early August. Fidel’s two brothers, Raúl and Ramón, insist that Fidel’s doing fine and he’s recovering, but his state of health is a ‘state secret’. Cubans were sobered earlier this month with a video of a weak, bed-ridden Fidel. I think a lot of people wonder if he has actually died, and the Cuban government is covering it up in the name of peace. I guess we’ll find out sooner or later.