The New Idiom Dictionary is Live!

by David

For the past couple of weeks I have been hard at work creating the framework for an Idiom dictionary for Tomisimo.

Why do idioms matter?

An idiom is a word or phrase that does not mean what it says literally, such as telling an actor to “break a leg“.

You can search the idiom dictionary in Spanish or English to find an idiom and (hopefully) get an equivalent idiom in the other language, or browse the idioms alphabetically in Spanish or in English.

Anyone who is a member of Tomisimo can also contribute idioms, translations and comment on each idiom page. If you’re not a member, now’s the time to sign up for a free account.

Special thanks go out to Rusty and Gemma who spent a lot of time testing the interface while I was developing it, and in the process entered literally hundreds of idioms and sayings.

This is a work in progress, so if you have any suggestions for improvement or see something that’s not working properly, please let me know in the comments so it can be fixed immediately.

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08.Jul.2008 - 11:03 am

You have truly made Tomisimo a world-class source of information.

08.Jul.2008 - 12:00 pm

Thanks Poli! 🙂

08.Jul.2008 - 11:48 pm

hi Im bob and im dumb

11.Jul.2008 - 10:59 am

I’ve just recently discovered this website and agree with Poli. Tomisimo is a wonderful online resource! Congratulations, I will be recommending it to my friends.

29.Jul.2008 - 9:30 am

Yes, brilliantly explained as always. Thanks for the time you put in to these

13.Oct.2008 - 7:44 am

I appreciate the value you’re giving on this site. Best wishes in your future projects.


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