Learn Spanish online [website review]

by David

Learn SpanishDisclaimer: I’m not related to this website in any way. I just thought it was a good resource.

If you haven’t checked out StudySpanish.com you probably should. In addition to their paid Spanish courses, they have some free material that’s worth a look. I really like the section called “curriculum”. It has detailed information on pronunciation and grammar, as well as cultural notes and important words and phrases for travelers. Some of the material is of iffy usefullness, such as the question ¿La playa es de arena? in the 10 useful phrases section. I guess they’re asking if the beach is sandy as opposed to being rocky. ¿La playa es de arena o rocosa? That makes a lot more sense now.

There is also a vocabulary section that gives you a few hundred common Spanish words, organized by topic, allowing you to learn some basic vocabulary. To go along with the vocab, the verb drills will get you up to speed on all the stem-changers, wildly irregular verbs and the normal ones too.

So if you’re starting to learn Spanish or if you just want a review, it’s probably worth a click.

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27.Jan.2007 - 2:19 am

May I suggest my site and email list for learning Spanish Vocabulary free. The email list is designed for any level of Spanish speaker from beginning to native. Beginning and intermediate vocabulary are presented daily along with advanced vocabulary. Sound Clips are included for practice from a native Spanish speaker.
You may subscribe or unsubscribe whenever you like at:

28.Jan.2007 - 12:41 am

Hi Nicholsa, Welcome to the site.

I took a look at your site and it look pretty neat. Do you decide on the vocab that goes out daily in the WOTD email? How do you pick something that is appropriate for both beginners and more advanced even fluent learners? That has been the one question that I haven’t been able to answer, and that’s what has been holding me back from offering a word of the day here at Tomisimo. Maybe the best bet would be to offer several different versions/levels but then that gets to be more work.



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