The Arabic Legacy in English Words

by David

I was reading the news about how a racist American cop verbally and physically abused a US citizen (a war veteran) because he “looked” Arab. Anyway, I got to thinking, Arabic has influenced the English language quite a bit, and Spanish as well. Where would we be without algebra, alcohol, coffee, sugar, the number zero, algorithms, alchemy, and almanacs? The Spanish word for each of these also has Arabic roots.

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13.Apr.2007 - 9:07 pm

Very interesting. I never realized that most of those words originally came from Arabic, except for algebra (I sometimes think I could do without the existence of algebra). 🙂

Also, that police story is horrible! It’s too bad that people have to be racist and stereotypical. Especially those in law enforcement, since to me they should be our model citizens. The Arabic world is huge, it’s stupid to consider all people that “look” it to be terrorists just because of the existence of a few extremist groups in some war-torn countries. It’s the same as considering every white person a member of the Mafia.


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