Live webcam in Cusco, Peru

by David

The Hotel “Casa San Blas” in Cusco, Peru has a couple of webcams, one pointing to the main square “Plaza de las Armas” and a second one viewing a side street. The picture refreshes every 30 seconds and you can actually see that people have moved around etc. Click on the pictures below to go to the actual webcam on the hotel’s website. Pretty cool if you have gone to Cusco to study Spanish or if you know someone who’s there. Actually, let’s do this. If you know someone who’s in Cusco right now, try to get in touch with them, and tell them to go stand in the main square and let’s see if these cameras are for real. :)



Update:  I’ve gone back to the webcams several times, and you can see people moving, see cars driving down that narrow street and all, so I’m pretty convinced that it’s for real.  Here’s what Cusco looks like at night.


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