Cartoonist Peter Kuper in Oaxaca

by David

oaxaca72-small.jpgIf you haven’t heard of him, Peter Kuper is an illustrator and cartoonist. His biography states that his “illustrations and comics appear regularly in Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, and MAD, where he illustrates SPY vs. SPY every month”.

Peter Kuper has moved along with his wife and family to Oaxaca, Mexico for a 1 year stay, where a drawn out teacher’s strike has caused mounting conflicts and riots in the colonial city. Here’s a link to some email updates the Kuper has sent out, including what it’s like to live just 10 blocks from where the worst of the riots is. There’s also lots of up-close photos and drawings depicting life in Oaxaca City.

Here’s a current article from “El Universal” in Oaxaca concerning the situation. More can be found on Google news in Spanish.


Update: More information on The Beat.

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24.Dec.2006 - 8:56 am

Hello Peter,
I’ve just come across your letters and drawings. I’ve photographed a few of the scenes you have drawn in Oaxaca. They’re wonderful drawings especially for what is turning out to be a lousy situation ( for the teachers and APPO). Fascinating to see drawings of what I’ve photographed.When done well it makes me want to go back to painting and drawing which is what I did before photographing..
I was there for October and November and will return January 24th for four months as I do every year. I live in a studio of a Oaxacan artist near Santa Domingo.
I’m always interested in connecting with expats (full time and part time) who share similar views and interests. My email is
Mari Seder

mari seder

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