3 Mexican fishermen survive 9 months at sea

by David

fishermen.jpg Five Mexican fishermen set out to sea in wholesale jerseys October 1995. Three have just made it back after cheap jerseys more than nine months at sea. They survived by drinking rainwater and eating raw fish герое and birds, including seagulls and ducks. Two of the five did not survive. More than nine months after Agrigento setting out on the Pacific ocean wholesale jerseys to hunt shark, the three Mexicans were rescued by Tiawanese fishermen just days ago. Some news media claim that the men wholesale NFL jerseys are not fishermen and have made up the story as cover for Uscipit their Joe“ drug smuggling operations. Who knows, but 2 it’s still an interesting story. Lot’s of people I’ve talked to say they’d never eat raw fish/birds, but after about 3 weeks at sea logo with nothing to eat, I think I’d go wholesale MLB jerseys for some raw fish. Think of it as Sushi. If you want to read more, there are plenty of news stories.

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